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hymns from the sanctuary: organ demonstration recital

Processional Hymn | Sunday, September 9, 2018

O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing | AZMON

Rieger-Kloss Organ

The Rieger-Kloss Organ Company of Krnv, Czech Republic, was selected to build the new pipe organ for GSPC in January, 2000.  Although Rieger-Kloss is one of the largest builders of pipe organs in the world, it operates as a small company. Each pipe organ is built by a team of Master Organ Builders. An eight-member team built our instrument.  The organ was first assembled in the Rieger-Kloss shop, dismantled, and then installed and tonally finished in the GSPC Sanctuary.  Tonal Finishing is one of the most tedious processes in organ building, literally giving each pipe ( over 3,500 pipes) in the organ, a singing lesson in the GSPC acoustic.

The Rieger-Kloss organ at GSPC is designed especially for the historic sanctuary and to meet the demanding needs of the ministry of music and the congregation .  It is unique and not another instrument exists just like this one.  It was designed architecturally to look as if it were always a part of the building. Sunday worship and year-round concert services are supported by the Rieger-Kloss Pipe Organ.  Public concerts featuring national and international recital artists are offered annually.  The organ is registered with the American Guild of Organists.

Organ recitals are offered on Wednesday's at noon in the Advent and Lenten seasons.

The Rieger-Kloss Pipe Organ is available for organ students and professionals for instruction, practice, and performance. For guidelines and information contact the church office.

Rieger-Kloss Four Manual and Pedal Console

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