easter lily dedications



We invited our congregation to participate in decorating the chancel for Easter. If you would like to a beautiful lily plant in memory of loved ones or to honor family or friends, please fill in the information below. Your name and all those being honored or memorialized will be

printed in the bulletin on Easter Sunday, April 21.

Each lily plant costs $10. Please make your check payable to GSPC or visit gspcmobile.org/flowers

to place and pay for your order via PayPal.

The deadline for orders is Palm Sunday, April 14.

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Easter Lily Dedications


If you desire to place fresh flowers in the Sanctuary in honor or memory of someone, please contact Ann Adams or complete the form below and we will contact you. We encourage you to choose a Sunday closest to a date of special significance to the person you wish to honor/memorialize. These events could include but are not limited to: baptism, birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, deaths, births, graduation, and special achievements. On the Sunday chosen, the Sunday Bulletin will contain an inscription of the dedication, and pictures will be posted online via GSPCā€™s Facebook page.

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