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Members are received in one of three ways:

1) Those who have never been a member of a church join by Profession of Faith and, if not previously baptized, are baptized on the Sunday they join. 

2) Those who were members of a church, but through time or circumstance have not been active recently, join by Reaffirmation of Faith.

3) Those who are currently active members of another church join by Transfer.  Classes for new members are offered throughout the year and may be attended before or after joining.

New members' children who have been previously baptized are enrolled as baptized members and are invited to participate in Confirmation Classes for youth grades 6-8th.  Children, not previously baptized, who complete Confirmation are baptized when they are confirmed.  Younger children may be baptized when their parents are received into membership or upon completion of classes for admission to the Lord’s Table held annually for children entering the 2nd grade.  Decisions about how children are best received are made in conversation with our pastors.  

Membership is a path to discipleship.  Disciples practice certain habits. While there are many habits of disciples, we identify seven that members should strive to practice:  

1) Worship — taking part in weekly Lord’s Day services.

2) Prayer — the daily practice of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication 

3) Bible Study — regular participation in a small group study.

4) Service — responding to God’s grace by helping others.

5) Fellowship — demonstrating a new quality of life with other disciples.

6) Tithing — supporting the church by giving time, talents and money.

7) Testimony — proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ and demonstrating God’s love in personal, family, vocational and social relationships.

Join Us

We invite you to walk with us.  If you believe God is leading you toward membership, contact one of our pastors who will meet with you to discuss your decision.  Members are received throughout the year and are regularly welcomed during Sunday morning worship. Learn more by contacting us at or call 251.432.1749.