Rev. Paul Phillips has had a conversational relationship with God from childhood. He was born in Tucson and raised in southern California. He received his BA in political science from Whittier College and his MBA from Claremont Graduate University.

Although a friend had admonished him early that he was pastoral material and "didn’t belong in a 3-piece suit," he, in fact, did spend the next twenty-seven years in the environmental, oilfield and banking industries. During this time, he was active in his local Presbyterian church as an Elder, Sunday School Superintendent, and Stephen Minister.

It was at Stephen Leader training in the late 1990s that he felt the call to attend seminary and to make pastoral care his full‐time calling. After graduation from San Francisco Theological Seminary in 2005, he served two years in pastoral chaplaincy at two different hospitals in St. Louis. From 2007-2014, he pastored two yoked churches in southeastern Illinois as their Teaching Elder.

Since 2014, Phillips has served as the Teaching Elder Pastor of Care at Valley Presbyterian Church (650 members) in Green Valley, AZ.