Ministry of Hope

Ministry of Hope Lesotho (MoHL), founded in 2009 by PCUSA missionary Nancy Dimmock in collaboration with Mamonyane Mohale, a Lesotho health care professional, provides care, shelter, food, clothing, and a path to the future for orphaned children. Some of the children are malnourished, others neglected or abused, still others caught in the web of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We are writing to encourage your prayers and financial support for these children. We are also writing to begin conversation about working with Mamonyane and her capable staff to continue this wonderful expression of God’s love.

Since its inception, funding for MoHL has been channeled through Ministry of Hope Inc., a non-profit dedicated to mission in Malawi. When approached by Nancy, the faithful Presbyterians located in Black Mountain, North Carolina, agreed to receive donations for the emerging mission in Lesotho where Nancy then lived. Because Nancy has relocated to the US and since the Black Mountain group wants to focus on Malawi, the time is right to find an alternative way of supporting the maturing Lesotho mission. Government Street Presbyterian Church has agreed to lead that effort. We hope other congregations will join us in supporting the Ministry of Hope Lesotho.

If you would like to make a contribution to the MoHL, gifts may be made payable to Government Street Presbyterian Church and marked MoHL. An external audit will be sent to donor's annually.